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About So Thai Spa

Experience a sensory journey like no other at So Thai Spa — your exclusive urban day spa located in the heart of Bangkok on Surawong Road. Our bespoke selection of treatments is designed to pamper and invigorate you - leaving you feeling like royalty.


Our highly professional and expert therapists provide distinctive body and mind rejuvenating experiences, using only the finest spa products to deliver our signature Thai massages, foot massages, aromatherapy, body scrubs, and many more treatments.

Our unique Thai-style design features a range of treatment rooms and relaxing spaces tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a solo escape or a romantic retreat with your significant other, our private treatment rooms can accommodate anyone.

At So Thai Spa, we believe that the ultimate experience of serenity and revitalization of body and mind is not just about the treatments themselves but also about our spa's overall environment and ambiance. That's why we take great pride in ensuring that every aspect of your visit with us is nothing short of exceptional.


We invite you to discover our distinctive body and mind-rejuvenating experiences. Let our expert therapists guide you on a journey toward ultimate relaxation and wellness — one that's sure to leave you utterly mesmerized.



We exist to pamper and indulge you in the art of relaxation. Our relentless pursuit of delivering the most outstanding wellness experience drives us to go above and beyond. When you walk into So Thai Spa, you enter a world of unparalleled service and unmatched bliss. We don't just promise to exceed your expectations; we guarantee it.

Our vision is to become the premier destination for those seeking to improve their overall well-being through holistic therapies and authentic Thai-inspired massage treatments.

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