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Nested in the heart of Bangkok our luxury Spa Facial Bangkok distresses your skin cells and makes your face glow. Mineral rich spring water allures your face and makes it admirable. We understand the importance of facial as it is an extremely integral part of skin care treatments. Our experts rejuvenate your skin with steam, exfoliation, extraction, peels and massage to pamper you.

Spa Facial Bangkok

Facial is not only a beautification technique but also a skin treatment to keep it healthy and glowing in specific conditions. Our Facial services in Bangkok, beautifies and relaxes your skin. We aim at improving skin texture, elasticity and tone by deep cleaning, healing acne stars, gradual illumination of the tone and brightening.

Our facial experts in Bangkok deep clean your skin using rose water, cotton and steam. After using rose water, cotton & steam it opens up pores  and enabling the skin to breathe properly. Thereafter, exfoliation is performed in which oldest dead skin cells are removed. Slowly and steadily with a gentle hand our experts perform the process of extraction effectively removing oil and black heads. Lastly massage involves rubbing the face with a gentle hands applying creams and nourishing oils for soft, glowing and relaxed skin.

Best Spa Facial Bangkok Treatment

Our spa facials in Bangkok tend to revitalize, heal and refresh your skin. In facial treatment the masks used are naturally made of organic herbs. We use Azadirachtaindica, which is extremely good for acne. Cucumber is used for improving skin tone and keeping it hydrated. Tea leaves lightens the complexion, rice scrubs, are generally used to make skin glow and coconut oil is used for nourishment.

Our spa facial services in Bangkok aim at providing luxury therapies to clients. Also primary aim to distress our clients and captivate their beauty. We tend to relax their skin cells in hot springs making them feel amazingly good enabling them to feel the touch of love.

Spa Facial Bangkok

Spa Facial Bangkok